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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Stroud one sunny morning.

I must say this "dog" did somewhat complete my walk to the bus station.If you've never had a giant star with cheese you will never understand. Burger star, the BEST by far.
Minus my thumb sneaking into the shot, I loved this door slogan - fashion for discerning ladies. amazing.
I remember falling in love with these shadows of car upon car on the road, it made me think of a line of ants and there ever impending shadows. Yes I'm odd, but come in you can totally see it too. Okay maybe it was a you had to be there moment. haha.
Went to my friend Jenny Browns house and sat out in the garden drinking coffee enjoying the views from her neighbours tree house.
Jennys neighbours bike ramp... and a very beautiful view of Stroud, sadly not captured well by my photography.
The sun setting over Painswick
Mills cafe, I think this really sums up Stroud. You have to walk down this little alleyway to find a lovely cup of tea.

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