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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

So over the last few days I've had quite a few bizzarre moments and laughs so thought they deserved a little space to be eternalised on my blog. Firstly my house mate Sam and I have decided to buy an old bunk bed and replace the mattress with a sofa and make a double bunk sofa to put in our living room.

We also thought if we did this we could make a little pully system to lift things up and down ie beer food etc. And yes we did have too much time on our hands that evening.

Sams just had an operation on his knee so is stumbling around on crutches, so we;ve been talking about walking sticks and how characters like Gregory House MD have really made walking sticks "fashionable" so we've been looking at walking sticks for sam:

My friend Polly and I had been watching Withnail and I which by far has to be one of my favorite films, Polly is a psychology student so obviously enjoys a good film with a healthy serving of madness. when Polly suddnely turned round mid film and said "I feel cold, this film is making me cold because they are always talking about being cold." At this point the rest of us pointed out that "it was more likely to do with the windows being open all day and that making the house cold." I think maybe it was a you would've had to have been there moments. But still I love Polly, she says the most wonderful things.

Started talking to an old man called Bill while I waiting for the cue for lunch and got talking about advertising and Guiness - the latter being a profound interest we both shared! I look forward to being older drinking whisky and rambling about the goold old days.
The quote said:

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