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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Today uni was cancelled so I decided to have a mooch around the charity shops with Allie. I met her at her house and briefly said hello to their temporary pet rabbit Hamish (I wont even bother to explain) and noticed that there landlord had planted Daffodils in what was there ashtray outside - could prove interesting. This made my pre charity shop run coffee more amusing and I was determined to photograph it without going outside, so decided to do a window display theme. Therefore I'v put up a rather bizzarre photograph of my brothers garden with lots of amazing solar lights that look to me like an airports runway lighting when turned on - but look somewhat interesting on a cold dark morning with a hangover. The other two photos are just of hepwrights in southampton a local vintage store ran by a lovely lady whos been collecting clothes for longer than I've been breathing. Lovely.

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