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Friday, 27 May 2011

Spot the Slinkachu

As your probably aware I really like the British artist Slinkachu and so I thought we would play a little game - try and spot the little men in these subverted environments!

Policeman : Excuse me Sir. Would you mind telling me what you are doing?
S: Oh Er…I was just gluing down this little plastic person.
Policeman : Eh?
S: Here, look. It’s an…er…an art thing. Kind of. I take photos of these little people. Then leave them.
Policeman: Oh, ha! Sorry, I thought you were sniffing glue, what with that superglue. We get a lot of that around here.
S: Yeah. Ha…
Policeman: Yeah, this is cute. Ha, a little car too! Sweet. My kids would love this!
S: Yeah… It’s, er…a little prostitute. And a punter. In the car.
Policeman: …oh… oh, well, er…carry on.
S: Er, yeah. Thanks…

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