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Monday, 23 May 2011

His face is full of years.

The Boy - Tom Rosenthal

And a poem written by Tom.

Do not not talk to them

Don’t talk to them because they’ll kill you.
Don’t even look at them because if they see you
looking at them then they WILL kill you.
It will be gruesome to boot.

Whatever you do, do NOT, under any circumstances, accept sweets
from them because they’ll either be poisonous or part of a
devious trap with the end result being your untimely death
(and you had so much to give)

Talk to them.
They’re your friends, enemies, first loves (yes you thought you were in love before but you weren’t), god; they’re even your
birth mother (sorry to break it to you like this), and what’s more;
Everyone you have known or will ever know is one of them.
They are your future, staring you (and then looking away
right in the face.


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