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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Just woke up the morning after our long drive from Coachella to Newport onward to Santa Cruz. I guess I should start by saying Coachella was awesome and a totally different experience to any festival I have ever been to before. We cued for hours and eventually got to our pitch after arriving in a field to cue - which was essentially an unintentional big pre car party to warm us all up for the festival. Just arrived at our pitch, Its bizarre because everyone is set a pitch - which you have to pay for, or you have nowhere to sleep! And I must admit I didn't like how all the pitches are all neat organised lines of parked cars with the tent infront. Not the usual mashed together maze of guide ropes and tents to trip over at most English festivals. 5am friday and I'm off to bed.

Woke up today and really understood that when I had been told that it was hot, it really was. At close to 100F I decided to whack on the old sun-cream to help minimise my english skin turning a shade off Lobster. Boiled.

In the next few days I saw lots of bands which I won't be bothered to rate as they where all frankly brilliant and I think that there are enough self confessed music critics on the internet as it is, without me rambling on about what I think is good. Everyone should be entitled to there own opinion.

The strangest thing for me about Coachella was the pure consumerism of it all, oh and the security. Upon entry Everyone gets their car and self searched and any minors - under 21 will have alcohol confiscated. Any glass bottles will be confiscated. Not the most welcoming thing for a festival. As I'm 20 we had to smuggle our alcohol in which was quite fun! And talking of security, when you went into the main area you where searched. They wouldn't let you take in bottled water ran by Coachella, so you have to pay for bottled water inside they can make more money.

We've just left after several hours of cueing to get out. The drive home to Santa Cruz drifted by to the sounds of our the XX, so all was good.

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